Mandatory Training


Statutory and mandatory training is essential in ensuring everyone is able to work safely within our  hospitals, and gives us the skills we need to help protect the health and well being of others - whether that's in case of a fire or a child protection issue.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are up to date with your training, required of your role. As employees under the SEAT scheme you are therefore trust employees and need to complete our Statutory and Mandatory training. This is true for those working in a GP Practice too.

All of our statutory and mandatory training records are stored on a system called WIRED. In addition to individual training records, WIRED also offers team and directorate compliance. All reports can be downloaded into Excel if required.

Please note: WIRED works best using Internet Explorer (IE). To view WIRED in IE, please click on the Portal Manager icon on the desktop of your computer, then click on WIRED.

You can check your own record by following the steps below:


  1. Click on ‘Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust’

  2. Click on ‘consolidated view’

  3. Click on ‘employee’

  4. In the employee drop down box scroll to find you name and click

  5. Click on ‘view report’ and see your training record.


Wired information- (Only via a trust computer)

Statutory and mandatory training for those in a GP or Surrey and Boarders Partnership post

As employees under the SEAT scheme you are therefore trust employees and need to complete our Statutory and Mandatory training. This is true for those working in a GP Practice too.

Those working at a GP practice for their ST3 training year can use the statutory training completed at their practice to evidence this. You do not need to repeat training for the same topic for both organisations. You may simply send your certificates to the relevant contacts below; they will validate your training and add it to your WIRED account.



WIRED Contacts

To update training data or for any queries regarding training requirements, please see the contacts below:

Duty of Candour

The training completion is matched to WIRED only for those who have entered their employee number on their elearning account.

Blood Transfusion Update:


Conflict resolution:


Crisis course (adults):


Equality and diversity:


Fire training:


Health and safety/risk management:


Infection control:


Safer recruitment (child protection):


(please email certificate as we do not receive completion reports)

You can complete this training via eLearning or by attending training in person:

If you need help, please contact the site administrator

To book 6 in 1 training days (trust computer only)


Doctor’s Statutory and Mandatory Training checklist

Patient First:


Resuscitation (BLS, ILS and ALS):


Safeguarding adults:


Safeguarding children:


Manual handling/patient handling:


VTE: or x8135 (St Helier)  or x5444 (Epsom)

Information governance:



Smear Test Number Training

Smear Training Guidance for GP's

Application Form for Smear Test Number


KSS Deanery- Resources

Link to the deanery website can be found below:

For an overview on your training please download the KSS Trainee Handbook




ePortfolio, LFG Reviews & ARCP

For help with ePortfolio & Training requirements please see the link to the RCGP Training website below:

Please download the KSS ARCP guidance on what competencies and assessments are expected of you during your training


LFG Reviews

Please download the guides below for help on how to prepare for your LFG reviews, what we look for and what the feedback means.

Urgent and Unscheduled Care (UUSC, formerly OOH)

The requirements for Out of Hours have recently changed. Please make sure you are familiar with the new system- Urgent and Unscheduled Care. 

Visit the KSS website for more information & to access the relevant forms and passport.

(General Practice > GP Trainee Resources > Urgent and Unscheduled Care – UUSC (formerly Out of Hours – OOH)


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