Sick Leave


Sick Leave & Absence Reporting

You MUST report and absence from work to First Care (0333 321 8017). You must do this regardless of where you are based for work, whether this is a GP Practice or another Trust facility.

All leave for a duration of more than 14 calendar days in any TRAINING year will need to be made up in time; therefore will result in a training extension.

All GP Trainee leave will be recorded and monitored via our Employee Online system. Whilst working at a GP Practice, the Practice Manager will be responsible for recording the leave you take on this system. Trainees should not be given admin access to their own record. If you are asked to log your own absences in the system you should report this immediately to the PGMC (

Please contact HR and Occupational Health for more Information:

Rosemarie Allen (Interim) (HR)

Olivia Holland (OH)

Parental Leave


Study Leave


Study leave funding is now centrally held by HEE.

Your role on the system is to apply for ALL study leave you wish to take. This will include both applying for reimbursement for any expenses you make during the leave and requesting study days. 

Before making an application for leave, make sure to consult the ‘Study Leave Guidelines’ (below) to ensure the application is eligible and please look at the respective list of approved courses for your training to ensure you are entitled to reimbursement.

Below is a link to the HEE Study Leave website which includes the lists of approved courses per specialty, guides on the aspirational process, an overview of the new process and other useful resources.

Link to HEE Study Leave Website:


The process

From 1st January 2020

All trainees will need to apply for the leave on Employee Online first to ensure the leave is recorded and approved. 

Please see the flowchart below which indicates the process you will need to follow. 



Approved/ Aspirational Course: If the course you wish to attend is not on the list it is classed as an aspirational course, if you wish to claim expenses then you will have to follow the aspirational process (below). If you are not claiming expenses for an aspirational course then you will not have to follow the aspirational process and just apply for the course through the relevant process depending on your posts.

ALL international courses are classed as aspirational and funding will only be given for the course fees. Travel and accommodation will NOT be reimbursed for international courses.

Employee Online and e-Expenses

Employee Online is the trust rostering system. You should have been given access to this site, if you have not please contact the rostering team:

Help Desk

•Phone: 020 8296 2255


You should add your study leave claims and GP mileage to the e-expenses tab on Employee online. If this is not done you will not receive the payment. 

Please see the guide below for more information:



Shortly after induction, you will receive the following email:



Use the email it was sent to, to log in. If you do not have a log in please contact the Study leave Coordinator


For more information on using Intrepid please see the Intrepid user guide:


If you have any queries or technical problems, please do not hesitate to contact the Study Leave Coordinator on:

EGH – x5172  StH – x4006

Mileage Claims


You can claim mileage for any of the following: distance from Base (Epsom General Hospital) to GP Practice or for home visits you need to add the claim to your e-Expenses tab on your Employee Online account. This replaces the old process of claim forms. Any travel expenses for courses should be added to your study leave claim (See above).


Please select the TBD PGMC(Eps)​ as your approving unit. 

For more information on Employee online and submitting claims please see the section above

Step-by-step Study leave guide for KSS GP trainees

Aspirational Courses Process

Step-by-step Intrepid User Guide



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